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Flare by XelfrepuslaX
Just trying something
EDIT* Changed clouds added some flares and stuff, tell me what you think :)
'MAHARAJA DULEEP SINGH' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist

Vision: 5
This is obviously due to your goal which I believe is hyperrealism, you are always striving to be better and making the best possible, most realistic art possible.

Originality: 4 and 1/2
Well, using a reference picture may not seem "original", but I think that not many people would draw the things you do, I don't see many drawings of this around.

Technique: 5
No doubt a large amount of skill goes into this, the various shades lighting and texture does no doubt take a large amount of time to complete.

Impact: 4 and 1/2
To me, the drawing pops out quite nicely, all the "shiny" bits are lovely as always and detail is just amazing.

Well, for the "other" part of the critique. Starting with worst first.
(All this being in relation to the reference picture, at least, the picture I believe to be the reference picture).…
Please note, I will be judging as harshly as I can.

I think that the ornate parts on his head does not look ornate enough. In comparison to the reference picture used, it seems to be gold and also much more detailed.

Next is his beard. The beard overall is good, however on the left side, it seems you have hairs coming out of his neck instead of it being composed of his beard, thus looking a little strange to me.

The next part is the frills. The frills to me look too straight and do not look realistic enough probably due to the "frizzle" look of the reference picture.

Next, the cloth at the top right of the drawing and top left of his head.
To me, it doesn't look at light as it should it looks too thick in my opinion and also too dark due to shading, I think it could give a nice contrast if the opposite were true.

The last part is his clothes, the folds look too defined for me, I think that the ornate design on his clothes could be represented more with added contrast.

For what I think you did very well, the "shiny" parts of course and as always. His eyes are done very well as always, to me it always seems the most realistic part of your drawings.

The pearls are also done very well lighting is lovely and they clearly look spherical, making the picture "pop out" more.

Overall shapes are very well done, composition of the beard is done well too, excluding that little "neck" part.

Of course in the end, this is an amazing artwork that took a lot of effort and I doubt I could ever do anything like this. I'm sure you have inspired others to be as good as this. Slow but sure steps to your goal of hyperrealism, keep up the good work :D.


Sat May 4, 2013, 8:52 AM
I think I'm almost obsessed as the creator of this video! o.O.…


Photoshop Hobbyist
New Zealand
Photoshop hobbyist. Hmm that sums it up nicely.

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hej thar, whazzup dude?:)
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XelfrepuslaX Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Been okay, sick atm, but computer is fixed so I get to do more...

uni school work T_T. No time for photoshop except when holidays come :'(.
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D: aww sounds not too good & not too bad...i hope you will be fine :)
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XelfrepuslaX Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Haha thanks, it's been okayish, I just have to do work at home, but it feels like a holiday LOL.
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Hey man, how you been? Got anything new for me yet, or same old same old?
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Hey, I've been okay, uni's started so haven't been doing much, and my computer broke over the holidays, thats why I have no new stuff :(.
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I'm sorry if this may sound unimportant, but i decided to feature your awesome works on my crappy channs :XD:
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And oh, keep makin' those awesome works, 'kay :D?
XelfrepuslaX Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
It's not unimportant! :D Thanks a bunch, I only JUST got internet back after a few months so I haven't been doing anything AT ALL, including all the other internet stuff :D.
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